About this site

This site was developed by Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, America’s premier laboratory for particle physics and accelerator research. Fermilab’s mission is to explore the mysteries of matter, energy, space, and time, and the lab has a robust suite of experiments investigating the mysterious neutrino. We hope this website will serve as a resource for all those intrigued by these enigmatic particles that are traveling above, below, and through us.

Fermilab is the host laboratory for the international mega-science project DUNE: the Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment. Powered by the Long-Baseline Neutrino Facility, DUNE will use two detectors placed 800 miles apart in the world’s most intense high-energy neutrino beam. More than 1,000 scientists from 30-plus countries are joining together to research the origins of matter, the unification of forces, black hole formation, and proton decay.

Aerial photo of Wilson Hall at Fermilab

Wilson Hall is Fermilab’s central building. The site comprises 6,800 acres with restored prairie, a bison herd, labs, R&D spaces, accelerators, detectors, an education center, and on-site housing for visiting scientists. The lab offers a variety of free and ticketed tours, lectures, and arts events. Credit: Fermilab

Fermilab is home to many other neutrino projects, including another long-distance experiment called NOvA; a short-baseline neutrino program made of MicroBooNE, SBND, and ICARUS; and MINERvA. The lab also has a diverse portfolio of research topics, including collider physics, astrophysics, muons, theory, accelerator and detector technology development, scientific computing, and more.

You can learn more about Fermilab’s neutrino research and larger physics program online, and learn how to contact us or visit the lab. You can also follow Fermilab on the social media platform of your choice to stay up to date on the latest in neutrino and Fermilab news. A U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science laboratory, Fermilab is located near Chicago, Illinois, and operated under contract by the Fermi Research Alliance LLC, a joint partnership between the University of Chicago and the Universities Research Association, Inc.

More information about neutrinos is also available from our colleagues working on experiments around the world. We are united in our quest to better understand the universe through a menagerie of different experiments focused on one little yet important particle.